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tv   News Center 5 at 1100  ABC  February 17, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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maria: breaking news, a plymouth home up in flames. the dangerous conditions for firefighters. ed: also breaking, the risky rescue underway after drivers are trapped in a freak accident. maria: the fbi raid at a state senator's office. john: and what we've seen them pulling out tonight. meat colder times beginning to return. how long that last and which part of the weekend will have a significant warm-up. ed: taking a shot -- a local teen's big moment that will have you cheering. maria: breaking news at 11:00, flames rip through a plymouth home. rescuers pull out a person, who was trapped inside. i'm maria stephanos. ed: and i'm ed harding. we've learned that victim might not make it. newscenter 5's jorge quiroga is live on the scene in plymouth. jorge. fire officials now confirming, this is a fatal fire. active. as you can see behind us, cruise
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trying to put out any hot spots. according to plymouth fire oh tasting, cruise pulling up to the three-story house on the road alerted a person was trapped in side. it appears the fire started in the garage below the main structure. next door neighbor called 911. well, i heard some popping sounds and smelled some smoke. went to the dining room window and saw this garage side of the house was on fire. jorge. nolan says a couple in the 60's lived there. the wife out when the fire started. the blaze so intense, firefighters were forced to assume defensive posture hitting the flames from outside. plymouth for officials say one person was trapped in side. teresa nolan praying for the neighbors. >> meg was not here, i don't think. she was on, she have been with her daughter.
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i don't blow bob is. here. officials not confirming the name and the able of the person who passed way in the fire. the state fire marshall's office have beenle ad to help in the investigation. live from plymouth, jorge quiroga, newscenter 5. ed: fbi agents are hauling more evidence from a state senator's office. they have been at it for hours. brian joyce has been under fire for his campaign cash and freebies from a local business. maria: newscenter 5's john atwater is live in canton. and john, a long day for investigators. they are just wrapping up? john: may wee, they pulled out of here a little while ago, but they spent a full 12 hours here today. fbi agents methodically combed through state senator brian joyce's law office collecting bags of evidence including what appears to be electronics and loaded boxes and bag moose the vans of the fbi along we thy rs and continue to investigate the state senator. just last month.
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for using campaign money to three graduation party for his son. the go of nor asked the state ethic's commission to investigate tens of thousands of dollars of free dry-cleaning the owner of the randolph store says joist received over the course of a decade. >> a the attorney and the senator, you know, you don't ex pebbling to hear continuings like that. >> the early morning race surprised people the district which includes ready pas of ten different communities from milton to west bridgewater. joyce's attorney says hea witness cooperating and believes he has done absolutely nothing wrong. but the state's republican party is calling on him to resign. the governor is not going that far. >> issues that were raised here were troubling to begin with. the voters ultimately get to make the call with respect to where l someone is lied to continue or serve or not on an election day. >> no sign of the senator today. we didn't see him at the office, home or tate house.
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john atwater, wcvb newscenter 5. maria: local teacher accused of assaulting a student. now manchester, new hampshire, police say she knocked a piece of candy rating out of what they call an up ruly student's hand at the southside middle school. that student did end up with a scratch. a teacher's aide say it happen. they reported it to the principal. ed: we now know the name of a woman found murdered in her home in malden. the middlesex county da identifies the victim as 36-year-old colleen russell. her body was found at the cliffside commons apartments on monday night. so far, no arrests. maria: sky 5 over bernie & phyl's in norton, where police are investigating a fatal workplace accident. police say michael hasset was hit and killed by a delivery truck in the warehouse parking lot. the truck was driven by a subcontractor, who delivers furniture for bernie & phyl's. hasset was an employee at the
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pronounced dead at the scene. ed: harvey. meteorologist: nice day. i look up there. see temperatures are lower. anyway, let's show you what map is now. 35 in boston. a little above freezing. most areas north and west are a little below freezing. the trend is going to be for tomorrow to be a dozen degrees colder than it was today. you will feel the difference. patchy clouds m. we got some spots that are clear. a a couple of scattered flurries may keep it. i don't think they actually get to boston overnight. what i want you to notice is the 9 degrees in ottawa. so this is reinforcing cold air on the way. here is the way temperatures play out in boston. we are dropping to the upper 20's but the things during the day tomorrow. temperatures won't rise very much. that is the thing. because the cold air will be worrying in. the sun will troy offset it.
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little bit in boston. 10-15 miles per hour. the windchill will be in the teens. you will notice a difference. nothing like the weekend but you will notice the difference. talk about the weekend. ed: thank you. president barack obama is planning an historic trip to cuba. abc news is the first to break the story tonight. sources say the trip will happen sometime next month. it will be the first time in more than 80 years a sitting american president will visit the country. the official announcement will happen tomorrow. the white house says this is the latest step in normalizing relations between the u-s and cuba. ed: phil, who is moving up. phil: ted cruz takes the top spot nationally. today. that was not the only problem. >> help me welcome the next president of the united states. let's go to the polls on
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way. marco rubio. phil: that is south carolina governor standing with marco rubio and against donald trump. >> every day is a great day in south carolina. phil: trump not am pressed. >> she is very, very weak on the illegal immigration. you can't have that. we need strong, strong immigration policies. phil: governor haley,who has 81% approval has been sounding the alarm about trump for months and senator cruz, for the first time in many months, there is a new national frontrunner on the republican side. phil: trump's lawyers trying to slow cruz down sending the campaign a sees and assist letter. >> i am pro choice in every respect. >> we in a not trust donald trump. phil: trump claiming it is false, detrucktive. but cruz, as a battle tested lawyer, says he is ready. >> one of the things i look forward to most of us is the opposing of donald trump. let me take the deposition
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phil: jeb bush getting in the ix m as well hoping for governor hail l's support. even though is polling around 4% nationally. he said, today, when he is president, haley will still have a place in his administration. maria? maria: all right, now, for the democrats, a new national poll shows hillary clinton barely ahead of bernie sanders. but that's not the case here in massachusetts. sanders leads 49 percent to 42 percent among likely democratic voters here. the massachusetts primary is on super tuesday, which is march first. ed: new tonight, pope francis is on his way home, wrapping up his trip to mexico. the pope spoke at a mass just 800 yards from the texas border. he stopped short of calling on the u.s. to open its borders. but he does urge people to have open hearts, and recognize the hardships people in central and south america face. ed: new at 11:00 mash be pee school superintendent has been cleared of charges.
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andentering after he entered the home of a high school student isabel king who spent several mons in florida and trying to reenroll. the judge directed a not guilty verdict ruling there was no evidence that hyde was barred from terning that house. maria: a state prison guard is in jail tonight as an inmate. stephen lebreux works at mci-bridgewater as a correction officer and is now charged with dealing drugs on the streets of fall river. prosecutors say he sold heroin four times to an undercover state trooper >> he would drive to meet with the undercover trooper that he was wearing the uniform at times when he was conducting the transactions. maria: police say lebreux had
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arrested tuesday. ed: charged with murder outside randolph bar. look at the line of police officers inside a quincy courtroom. they're all there to see murder suspect gregory wright face a judge. wright is accused of killing a man outside a randolph bar last night. wright also allegedly kicked an officer several times during his arrest. maria: this filled the state street station with smoke. a fleet-wide inspection today turned up 13 morable pas that need to be are enforced. they are slate for replacement in two years. j a harvard grad taking action after she says they ignored the reports of sexual assault and harassment. alisa leader graduated in may and says she was assaulted by her former boyfriend over the host this years at the school. leader reported the incident to the school but says her ex continued to retaliate and that are a has her. the lawsuit claims she filed more than a dozen complaints. all went unnoticed. same dorm as the attacker.
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culture ignoring, silencing people like me. we are treated as if we are problems. rather than people. ed: leader obtained a court order. harvard said, today, it does not comment on penning litigation. ed: next on wcvb newscenter 5. maria: the fbi versus apple. how the fight over this terror suspect's pass code could affect everyone who uses a smartphone. ed: a lap dog shows up in surprising spot. the tricky residue get him tree. maria: the ingredient in your coffee drink that has starbucks under fire. meteorologist: how much colder
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the wall street banks meltdown -- goldman sachs. just settled with authorities that put seven million out of work and millions out of their homes. how does wall street get away with it? millions in campaign contributions our economy works because it's riggedt by wall street. as long as washington is bought and paid for, we can't build an economy that works for people. sanders: i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message. maria: one person is dead in this house fire.
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that person did not survive. the cause is still under investigation. ed: also break tonight. this in los angeles. one person is now confirmed dead in a crash that brought three huge transformers down on top of cars. the pickup truck slam hood utility pole that pulled down transformers as well. the pickup driver was killed. people in two other cars were trapped while crews carefully removed those live wires. maria: apple is fighting back against the fbi tonight. it's a tug of war between your privacy and security. ed: the company is warning of consequences if it's forced to crack open a terrorist's i-phone. maria: mary saladna is live in boston. and mary, apple says doing that smartphone... at risk! reporter: iphone users in san francisco, tonight, sending apple a powerful messageport. as apple and the fbi remained locked in epic clash over
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since the bloody end of the san bernardino attack a, the deadliest since 9/11, three of the fbi has been helplessly staring a at iphone 5c like this one of syed farook's cell phone. a federal judge is now siding with the fbi order hing ap foal fin a way to hack into farook's iphone. tonight, apple is still refusing. saying if they break into this phone, it will set up a dangerous slippery slope. if you design a back door for one phone. you have to design it for all phones. >> fbi suspects the phone may hold critical clues about who farook was communicating with. the pron they don't have the four-digit password. the fbi used farook used apple's security option basically that erases all dat from the proper code is not end terred after ten tries. it is nearly impossible so they want apple's engineers to design
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but ceo tim cook says the government is asking ap foal hack the own users adding the software is something we simply do not have. something we consider too dangerous to create. of course, everyone from congressional leaders to presidential candidates are also now weighing in, but reality is, higher court. very possibly, the u.s. supreme court. live in boston tonight, mary saladna, wcvb newscenter 5. maria: starbucks facing heat for how much sugar niece the drinks. a british study finds 80% of the company's drinks have more are sugar than women are recommended to have in one day. some up to 25 tea in spas. starbucks says it is committed to reducing sugar this take the drinks by 25% by the of 2020. ed: may's brother has signed off again n a zika virus at town
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the governor said forum asim lum seekers are a big problem for maine because they bring diseases with them which governor referred to in unusual way. >> whatp what happens is you get hepatitis c, aids, hiv, tush buklosis, zika, all eves the type of other were foreign diseases that finally make the way to our land. ed: he said zika fly. the zika virus is transmitted by mosquitoes and linked to birth defects. maria: let's lack at the sky together. get your glasses on. watch as she is pulled. there you go. see. pulled to the surface by rescuers. they put it down the hole. he pushed her up. the golden retriever in great shape today. ed: interesting. and after they pulled her out. harvey, did you see what they
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after they pulled her out. the firefighters and emt guys are looking in this hole to see if there is something else in this, too. maria: you got do that. you never know. just look with the weather. you never know what you will get here. meteorologist: thank goodness for all the eht workers and the firefighters this they do a phenomenal job all the time. all year long. lack at temperatures. this is like a temperature month. i mean, i it has been all over the place. first four days, way before average. like 18 above average. they, pk, you may railroad the bitter cold but you like to forget. then, the last couple of days. mild. so you put it together. all of these extremes. and just normal. average. so far, even though it has been extreme, it thats been on both ends. now i got funny feeling we see a lot of interesting things to go in the month of february. 35 is temperature now. a light westerly wind in boston. just 8 miles per hour. notice temperatures have dipped below freezing in some areas north and west. the skies are clear. running just a little bit above
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cape. just to the north and the west. it is turning colder. ottawa is 9. it is 14 in toronto. actually, a few snow squalls are passing through eastern new york state as the leading edge of cold air comes in. most of the time they dissipate before they get to our area. i am expecting temperatures to start the morning tomorrow. morning. by several degrees. worcester, 20. boston, 20. the wind will be coming toon the northwest and then the north. that is going to keep it colder tomorrow. the high temperatures won't be that much higher than the low temperatures. just throw mid 30's or so. north and northwest wind. that is north and west of boston. look at part ofs of worcester ma i not get back. the noticeably colder air mass. a little bit above freezing in places like hanson and ducks bar rain around the freezing cape. in addition tomorrow, you see the snow squalls that are approaching western new england. in addition. the wind becomes north. it is going to be flowing over
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actual water temperature around 40. picks up moisture. could get snow flurries or even snow snow squalls around the cape. maybe slit accumulation. now localized. inland areas will have shown. then the skies will clear overnight. we'll start off fry kashawn. by end the of friday, though. clouds come trin the west. that is running along the leading edge of warmer air. one more time. do want to mention tomorrow afternoon. evening, that there could be snow how we'res along the coast. especially on the cape. then, as we go through overnight friday night and first thing saturday. just a touch of snow or mix. mostly north of the pike through new hampshire and a may. a coating to that inch in extreme north central mass. not much. some breaks in the clouds. milder weather on saturday. we have a mild day. we could even touch 50 degrees on saturday. that would feel nice. let's back it up alogical bit tomorrow. i don't want to tres, it is going to feel somewhat
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starting around 10 in worcester. 19 is in boston. feel no warmer than the teens all day. low 20's in boston. colder feeling in deed. then run out. yeah. a touch of mixed precipitation around sunday night. it turns what colder early next week. then, that sets the stage for some type of storminess around the middle of ex week. it all depends on the storm track. obviously, we're 6-7 days way. if that storm track stays offshore, enough cold air will stay here. we will have snow or mix. however, should the storm hug the coastline, milder ocean air would come in. then are in on the coast and over the interior. some type of winter storm is likely. around the mild of ex week, then there could be a booed deal of precipitation with it. we are following that. we have a long way to go. just a little bit colder tomorrow. so make sure bundle up. ed? ed: don't go to bed.
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hearts are made for sharing. r spread some sweetness with dunkin' donuts' t cookie dough and brownie batter donuts. heart-shaped happiness too sweet not to share. america runs on dunkin'. ed: comcast to offer small refund for tv outage. new at 11:00, comcast is giving customers a small break after a big outage earlier this week. the company will credit customers about two dollars in the next bill. that's about a day's worth of video service. cable and on-demand were down for about 90 minutes on monday. maria: one last chance far special needs boy to make the play of his life! [applause] maria: that is kyle. he is a 15-year-old. he has down syndrome. he goes to oakmont regional high school. a member of the freshman basketball team. he finally got a chance to play
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you he brought it with cool's proud dad capturing the whole thing on video. he took a pass in the corner. heel nailed that jumper. wild! [cheering and applauding] ed: i want to see it again. you know what was great about it? just like ray allen. catch, qair, shoot. it is in. you can't defend too. maria: nothing to show us in sports as good as that. reporter: that's true. we hope people will stick around anyway.
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bob: even when danny ainge goes
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watching this sportscast. hi, danny. he will remain in a staring contest with several other team presidents. no one wanting to blink first. everyone making sure they have the best deal possible by waiting as long as possible. trade deadline is 15.5 hours away. and the celtics are about five hours away at the university of utah preparing to start the second half friday night against the jazz, but kelly olynyk isn't with the team. he's going to have his sore right shoulder checked out in los angeles tomorrow. an mri taken after he was hurt on february 10th indicated it was only a bruise, but olynyk wants a second opinion. boston college men's hoops had
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is a nice way of saying they lost. really if you don't want to tell someone bc lost, you can just say, bc played. it's pretty much the same thing now. the eagles have lost 13 straight games, all conference games and 12 of the 13 losses have been by double digits. also the 13 game losing streak is a new school record. eagles fall to clemson 65-54. tough year for b.c. in the a.c.c. among the football and men's and women's basketball teams, the eagles are a combined 1 and 32.
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second and first nationally and respectively. nhl commissioner gary bettman upheld dennis wideman's 20-game suspension for cross-checking a the players association will appeal to a neutral appeal to a neutral arbitrator in the commissioner's 22-page ruling we learned wideman sent a text saying the only reason he was in trouble is because of the stupid refs and the stupid media... i'm not sure why that hurts my feelings, i'm not even a ref. meanwhile, the red sox pitchers and catchers officially report to fort myers tomorrow most of there...including david price... also arriving in fort myers early is outfielder jackie bradley jr. he's got the defensive tools to be an opening day center fielder, but his struggles with the bat could keep him on the bench or even back in
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year when he batted .249 with 10 home runs, but he's looking to take another big step forward. mike lynch is headed back to the fort. he can already smell the fresh roast at nita's sweet bean 9.5 miles from jetblue 9.5 miles
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rone says it's okay to take millions from big banks and then tell them what to do. vmy plan -- break up the big banks, close the tax loopholes, tand make them pay their fair share. p then we can expand health care to all, r and provide universal college education. twill they like me? no. will they begin to play by the rules if i'm president? you better believe it. i'm bernie sanders
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